About us

I want to spend my time with animals

'I have always loved animals and since being a child always had dogs, cats and rabbits. I spent my childhood outside with my dogs playing in the woods, streams or anywhere generally were we could come home muddy and wet.

As a teenager I went to college to study health and social care and once I finished I began work working in the mental health sector.

I still continued to spend as much time as possible outside up the fells with my dogs. 

Family and friends would often ask me to take there dogs with me or ask me to look after there dogs when they went away.

I began a year or so ago thinking, you know what?! That’s what I want to do. I want to spend my time with animals, looking after them, walking them, making sure they are happy and enjoy spending time with me as much as I do with them.

So I took the plunge, made a business plan, sorted out insurance and a boarding licence.  I then handed my notice in at work and Snoutsabout Cumbria became my business.
It’s safe to say it’s the best decision I ever made.'

Samantha Richter